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Introducing Text Hashtag Campaign

Introducing Text Hashtag Campaign

Colligso TextIn by default supports many keywords in order to create a group of customers. Once sent to a business’s SMS number (provided by TextIn), TextIn adds the sender of the message to the “subscriber” segment of the business. This segment is included by default into any Text (SMS) campaign created by the business.

This could result in having a single and very broad segment that encompasses entire group of customers who have opted-in to receive text (SMS) messages from the business. We have often received requirements from several businesses asking us to make the process of creating their own groups. For example businesses asked:

      “I want a segment of our restaurant regulars.”

      “I also want one for the service industry crowd that comes to our industry appreciation nights.”

      “We may have a group for social events and happy hours.”

      “We were interested in making one of the keywords “PASSWORD”, and we could text that segment our weekly Speakeasy Password.”

      “For my running club, I want to create groups of participants based on their age like U12, U14, U16, etc. so we can send them messages about practice timing and sporting events for their age groups.”

Introducing Text Hashtag Campaign

We are happy to announce a new type of campaign : Text Hashtag Campaign! (available in USA and Canada only)

With this, your business will be able to:

  • Create your own segments automatically
  • Make use of easy to remember catch phrase to invite customers to participate in your campaign
  • Capture intent of the sender of the message
  • Use auto-reply feature with campaign-appropriate message
  • Target only specific segments as needed at any time
  • Perform analytics on hashtag segments

How to use Text Hashtag Campaign

Follow these simple steps to use Text Hashtag Campaign.

Create a Hashtag

Using the Text Hashtag campaign, you (business) can now create your own hashtags. Come up with a simple phrase for the hashtag, e.g. #password, #happyhour or #happy4.

TextIn will create corresponding segment automatically. For example, happy4 (without ‘#’) for the hashtag #happy4.

Inform and invite customers

You can then inform your customers to send text messages with the hashtag to the SMS number provisioned by TextIn for your business.

Easiest way to invite would be to send a text message to all customers who have opted-in with a message asking them to reply with the hashtag. For example : Reply with #happy4 to get 20% discount off your bill on Independence Day.

You can also post instructions to send text to your business SMS number on social media, or print media.

For example: Send #happy4 to (408) 555-1212 to get 20% discount off your bill on Independence Day.

where (408) 555-1212 is business’s SMS number provisioned by TextIn. TextIn will add a footer including your business name, city and phone number and instruction to opt-out.

Receive SMS messages

TextIn will automatically add all customers who have replied using the hashtag in a segment with similar name as the hashtag, for example, happy4.

You can login anytime and find out who have responded by clicking Analytics on the segment’s detail page.

Menu->Segments->Segment with name (happy4)->Analytics


You can configure an auto-reply message for your Hashtag campaign too. This could be very handy. This message would be sent to the customer upon receiving a message that included the hashtag.

For example, for the #happy4 hashtag, a message could be like the following: Thanks! Please visit us on Independence Day and present this message to get 20% off of your bill!

TextIn will add the footer described earlier automatically to each auto-reply message.

Target the Hashtag segment

You can send text message(s) to the customers based on the hashtag they replied with. While creating a text campaign, select the segment that bears the hashtag name (e.g. happy4). You can check the size of the segment by clicking on the calculator icon next to the segment name. Target the segment with a message at a scheduled time, save and activate it.

Login to your Colligso account and check the Dashboard to find how your campaign is performing.


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Note: Phishing, spam, and illegal and illicit content is prohibited

Message content that deceives or threatens consumers, including phishing, is not permitted. Even if a consumer consents to receive messages, the messages must not be deceptive; TCPA compliance alone does not satisfy this condition. Marketing messages must be truthful, not misleading. When appropriate, marketing messages must be backed by scientific evidence in order to meet the standards of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Truth In Advertising rules. The FTC prohibits unfair or deceptive advertising in any medium, including text messages.

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