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A2P Messaging with Colligso TextIn

A2P Messaging with Colligso TextIn

Application-to-Person (A2P) Messaging, also called business SMS or enterprise SMS, refers to text (SMS/ MMS) messages sent from a business to a person. A2P Messaging allows businesses to automate text messaging for numerous use cases including but not limited to appointment reminders, message alerts, sales promotions, one-time-password (OTP), two-factor authentication, and more. With A2P Messaging, businesses can also inform customers and prospects with conversation or deal tracking within a CRM and provide a personalized marketing outreach.

Colligso TextIn enables businesses to send text (SMS/ MMS) messages to their customers using campaigns that are created and executed on their Colligso account. A business user can measure performance of the campaigns from the Campaign Dashboard in his account.

TextIn app is available for integration on popular iPaaS platforms like Integromat]( and Zapier.

Action: Send Message

We have recently added A2P Messaging capability on our app on both Integromat and Zapier. By using a new action named Send Message, you can send text (SMS) messages to your customers on trigger event from your app having your customer data, including mobile number. Just integrate your app’s trigger event with TextIn’s Send Message action. Follow the instruction for the integration on Integromat or Zapier. No coding is required, you can deploy such an integration in minutes. This action is available in all countries where TextIn is supported.


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