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It's the customer relationship, ...!

It's the customer relationship, ...!

To go-to is the new go-to! Young adults view takeout and delivery as their go-to food, with 72% of millennials and 66% of Gen Z calling it “essential” to their lifestyle (National Restaurant Association). 70% say they’d rather order direct, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant, not a third party (Preoday). A whopping 94% of millennials say they would likely order an expanded variety of to-go foods if there were improved packaging to maintain food temperature, taste and quality.

In this era of increased connectivity with mobile phone, takeout and delivery, restaurants are looking to notify their customers using text-based order notification systems. SMS is the most ubiquitous and effective channel for text notifications. Colligso TextIn offers text-based notification system and more.

To notify a customer about fulfillment of an order via SMS, you would capture the customer’s mobile number. You may also capture customer’s name to associate that mobile number in your database. Name would also be useful in personalizing the notification message like “Hi Carol, your order is ready! Please approach the counter for pickup.” Once the order is ready, you would simply trigger the notification.

Now you see here? You got not only the order notification, but you have also captured minimum elements (mobile number and name), required to establish a direct, digital relationship with your customer! Remember that 70% of millennials and gen zs that say they’d rather order direct from the restaurant? TextIn enables the merchants to reach out to customers on their mobile phones using SMS not only for order notifications but also for many more use cases. Merchants can use Text campaigns to engage with customers by informing and reminding them of important events and messages related to their business. Text campaigns are very effective in terms of ROI.

A direct and digital customer relationship increases customer retention and makes business more profitable. TextIn helps you build and cultivate such a relationship.

Can a conventional paging or PA-like system do this?

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This title of this article is derived from the famous phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”, but we have dropped the last word.